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2021년 교단 가입 과정에 있는 교회

Church in the process of affiliating with CRC in 2021

Jesus Good Shepherd Church (Surrey, BC).

BC, Canada

Jesus Good Shepherd Church

Jesus Good Shepherd Church, under the tentative name "Jesus Love Church" (unregistered), started its first Sunday service on March 10, 2019. 


BC, Canada

Yobel Fellowship Centre

The opening service for our church was on May 23rd, 2016. Our church lives as missionaries towards multicultural groups and especially First Nations living in Port Alberni.  

Holy Rock Church (LA, CA) 성암교회.jpg


Holy Rock Church

담임목사 : 김요한 목사

설 립 일 : 11/1/2020

주 소 : 1218 1/2 S Westmoreland Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90010

교회 비전 및 방향성 : 하나님의 뜻을 이뤄드리는 교회

My Beloved church (Coquitlam, BC).jpg

BC, Canada

My Beloved Church

My Beloved Church, which started in April 2018, is a community where currently twenty-five people from six families gather to worship. 

Gospel Church (Surrey, BC).jpg

BC, Canada

Gospel Church

The first pastor started their first service on July 5, 2015, at Riverside Calvary chapel in Langley. We started with the common theme, “Community to preach the gospel of God's kingdom”. 

CRC Seed Church Introduction.jpg

Queens, NY

Seed Church

Seed Church is a new church that began in 2020 in Queens, New York area. The community is consisted of Korean people who love Jesus and love to share about Jesus. 

Vancouver Dream Church (Vancouver, BC).j

BC, Canada

Vancouver Dream Church

Vancouver Dream Church started from a small group Bible study which began in 2015 and had the first official worship gathering on April 5th, 2015.

vancouver orange church 소개 - Sewon Bae(L

BC, Canada

Vancouver Orange Church

Our church started at my house on January 6, 2019. My family was the only and first member of our church. I came to Vancouver three years ago to establish a healthy Korean church. 

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